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Peter Crighton Photography - Exhibition

First Photography Exhibition: "Colour Photography"

Photographer Peter Crighton held his first exhibition of photographs in the "Colour Photography" exhibition at The Frank Haynes Gallery & Pottery from 3rd May to 27th May 2007.

In his first exhibition Peter could only show a small range of his work, with an emphasis on landscapes, featuring the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales, along with an arty still-life shot and mountain scenery from Switzerland.

Peter is a self-taught photographer, interested in photography since child-hood. A large part of his portfolio consists of rural landscapes capturing the character of the countryside, primarily from the UK and Europe while also including a selection from elsewhere around the planet. Peter has broadened his range of images to include a small selection of abstract and still life subjects.

For more information contact: Peter Crighton at Peter Crighton Photography, .

Peter Crighton is funded by Arts Council England, the national development agency for the arts, through its Grants for the arts programme for individuals and organisations.

Photos from the exhibition:

Exhibition Photo 1

Exhibition Photo 2

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