Peter Crighton Photography

Peter Crighton Photography - Open Studios Exhibition

Open Studios Northamptonshire

As an artist in Open Studios Northamptonshire, photographer Peter Crighton displayed a range of his framed photographs at The Hayrack Gallery in Upper Stowe, Northamptonshire in September 2007 and a canvas print in the central exhibition at the Northampton Museum and Art Gallery.

The framed photographs had an emphasis on landscapes, featuring the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales, along with an arty still-life shot and mountain scenery from Switzerland. There was a wide range of un-framed, mounted photographs for sale, all of which could be framed on demand.

Peter is a self-taught photographer, interested in photography since child-hood. A large part of his portfolio consists of rural landscapes capturing the character of the countryside, primarily from the UK and Europe while also including a selection from elsewhere around the planet. Peter has broadened his range of images to include a small selection of abstract and still life subjects.

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