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How long before photos will be available? My aim is to put photos on-line within 24 hours of the end of the event. If you have a need for photos urgently then do discuss requirements, ideally in advance of the event.
How do I order on-line? (it will prefill the e-mail with the information that you need to complete).
Is it safe to order on-line? On receipt of your e-mail order I will send a Paypal or NoChex invoice by e-mail. All payment is handled by Paypal or NoChex - I never need your credit/debit card details.
Can I order by post? Yes. Download my standard order form and return with a cheque or postal order. The order form is in Adobe PDF format - a free viewer can be downloaded from Adobe - click here.
What are Event Name and Event Date? They are as per the title at the top of each page of photos. If ordering from more than one event then please send individual order forms or duplicate the information in an e-mail. You only pay one postage fee per order.
What are the Picture Identifier(s)? They are as per the filename(s) of the images that you want as taken from the pages displaying photos.
How long will delivery take? Up to 28 days, but more typically 14 days.
Are prints fade resistant? Yes - they are printed using photographic techniques (not inkjet or laser printers), typically on Fujifilm paper.
What text can I have on the mug? It's up to you - typically you might choose the event name/date and your name, perhaps the result (especially if you won a competition!). Specify the text you would like clearly on the order form or in your e-mail. The shorter the message the bigger the text will appear.
Can I order other products? Larger sizes or other products could be supplied to order - get in touch to discuss your requirements.
Why does the image quality look poor? I use a high level of JPEG compression to speed up the download for you. Photos supplied will be of the best quality. Also, photographs on these events pages are generally "as shot". Prior to printing, your ordered images will be checked and enhanced, possibly including cropping, as necessary, to ensure that your finished print is of the highest quality. If on closer inspection I do not believe that the image will produce an acceptable print I will give you the option of cancelling the order (or part order) without charge.
Why do images look too dark or too light on screen? It could be that your monitor's brightness or contrast needs altering. Check the calibration checker at the bottom of this page.
Can I specifiy adjustments? Yes. I will personally adjust/crop images prior to printing. If you have a specific requirement then please send me an e-mail to discuss in advance of ordering. There may be a charge - I will advise you in advance of your order if so.
What if I am not happy with the print? Any printing errors will be corrected free of charge. Contact me within seven days of receipt to discuss the problem.
Are discounts available? Yes. Discounts are available for purchase of five or more identical photos - send me an e-mail with the details of images and quantities that you would like and I will provide a quote.
I'd rather my photo was not on the website Let me know the event and photo(s) of you or your child and I will remove them from the website.
Do you retain the ownership of images you sell? Yes. Photos are supplied purely for personal use and copyright is retained on all photographs sold.
Can images be used for commercial use? Photographs are also available for purchase/licensing as digital images - ideal for sponsors to use in their promotional material. Send an e-mail if you're interested and I'll send all the information to you.
Will you take photographs at my event? Get in touch with the event, location and date to check if I can provide your event with a dedicated photographer.

All proofs and prints are copyright Peter Crighton Photography and may not be reproduced without permission.

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To help you view my photographs I have created a monitor calibration checker:

Calibration checker

To ensure that you can view photographs to the best of your equipment's capability a good start is to ensure that the above calibration checker shows a graded black to white. You should be able to see all 17 shades; adjust the contrast and/or brightness if not so that you can see all of them. It is only a start - the best method is an automated colour calibration tester for those working on photographs regularly.

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